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Name: Katie
Nickname: Don’t really have one. 
Birthday: September 2, 1991 (Today’s my birthday wooo!)
Gender: I’m a lady 
Sexuality: Straight
Height: 5’2
Time Zone: Eastern 
What Time And Date Is It There: September 2nd, 2014. 1:20pm
Average Hours Of Sleep: When I’m working, cause I’m a night owl and for whatever reason work better sleep deprived, four hours. Then I come home and nap for a couple more hours. All together roughly 6-7.
The Last Thing I Googled Was: Randy Orton pics. Because I was searching for a good one to use as a background for my new tablet. lol
First Word That Comes To Mind: I’m currently making lunch right now soo…Food.
What I Last Said To A Family Member: “Thank You.”
One Place That Makes Me Happy And Why: The living room. ‘Cause I basically do almost everything in my living room. Eat. Do yoga. Watch tv. Play on my laptop. etc.
How Many Blankets I Sleep Under: 1.
Favourite Beverage: Strawberry Watermelon Sparkling ICE water. 
The Last Movie I Watched In The Cinema: Maleficent. 
Three Things I Can’t live Without: laptop. internet. music. 
Something I Plan On Learning: How to make the perfect chocolate souffle. idk. ‘Cause, I’ve always wanted to try one.
A Piece Of Advice For All My Followers: Work hard. True success won’t come to you if you’re always taking the easy way out.

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