Exclusive: New cover art for soon-to-be-released 'Stratusphere Yoga'


Trish’s signature workout, Stratusphere Yoga is set for a nationwide release in the big box stores in the coming weeks. Previously released through retailers which carried Stratus’ Stratusphere Living line in Canada, the DVD will be available at major retailers such as Target and Walmart across North America.
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Thank you!!! I just might get it.

No problem! :) 

If you haven’t made a purchase yet, just an fyi, Trish is doing a re-release of the original Stratusphere Yoga dvd. You can pre-order it tonight (8 pm) at the Stratusphere Shop. I’m guessing the pricing will be the same as the original. Though for a limited time she’ll be signing copies for free. 

Link to the announcement: http://trishstratus.com/news/index.php?news=1328

by amyshaped

I really want Trish’s yoga. The last time I checked her website, she was sold out. 😕

There’s a Stratusphere Yoga package at wweshop.com. It’s priced at $59.99 but includes the DVD, a yoga mat, nutrition journal, and an autographed picture of Trish. Basically everything you need to get started then a little gift. lol. The Yoga For Men dvd is also available at the Stratusphere Shop. Despite the title, Trish has said that the dvd is a good workout and recommends women to try it as well. That one’s priced at $19.99.  If you want it autographed- $29.99.

Stratusphere Yoga Package: http://shop.wwe.com/Trish-Stratus-Stratusphere-Yoga-Fitness-Kit-with-FREE-Signed-Photo/W07524,default,pd.html?dwvar_W07524_color=No%20Color&start=66&cgid=fitness

Yoga For Men: http://www.trishstratus.com/shop/dvds/dvdsym.htm